The Youth Job Center’s (YJC) primary goal is to provide youth aged 14-18 with the necessary skills for successful employment. YJC’s evidence-based curriculum gives teens the opportunity to learn and practice key pre-employment skills over four 2-hour sessions. A blend of traditional classroom and activity-based exercises are used to accommodate all learning styles and skill levels. Sessions cover topics such as how to fill out a job application, interview preparation, communication, and financial literacy skills.

After training, teens receive one-to-one job placement assistance from YJC staff to help them identify job opportunities matching their skills and career interests. Experiential learning activities such as job shadows, informational interviews, or company tours are also offered, to give teens the opportunity to explore various jobs and career paths. For youth who successfully secure employment, YJC staff can provide employment counseling and mentoring support for up to 12 weeks.



In addition to the extensive training workshops the participants receive, the YJC also provides participants with individualized placement meetings where trained job coaches develop a job strategy customized to each youth’s specific need. The job coach provides logistical and moral support, while monitoring each youth’s pre- and post- hiring performance for 12 weeks.


For more information email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or phone 608.245.2550 x1116.