The Madison Summer Team (MST) is a summer employment program providing youth ages 14 and 15 a paid employment training experience in a safe and stable work setting with supportive and committed supervisors. Youth employees participate in experiences and trainings through which they learn, practice, and reflect on employment skills. The teams work in neighborhoods throughout Madison and focus on projects that help build stronger and more resilient communities.

   MST was founded in 1992 for two reasons:

  1. To provide a positive and productive first-time job experience for at-risk youth
  2. To help youth build positive connections with the community while nurturing their personal strengths

Click here for information a 2020 Madison Summer Team employment application and Teen Job Fair 2020.

"We learned how to work with others and not to be a follower, but a leader, also teamwork."

"I think I learned that having a job is more helpful than depending on other people."

"Team work is important. No matter if you like that person or not. If you work together most things will be accomplished." 


 2019 Impact

  • 42 Youth completed over 4,300 hours of work (June through August)
  • Youth earned over $37,000 in wages
  • 18 youth received MMSD credit

The Northside Kennedy Heights team also worked with Dane Arts Mural Arts on the Willy Street Co-op mural. 

For more information contact the Youth Employment Coordinator, at 608.245.2550, x1116 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.